Teambuilding – ice cold!  Imagine: you bring a new product onto the market and want to give your sales a lasting „picture“! They want you to be able to make the new product visibly understandable to every sales representative – and best not forget it! Then you should read on – because our fascination with ice offers exactly that. But it does not just have to be a salesman … Let your employees implement your new products, goals or visions in a sculptural way. Hammered, sculpted, scratched, sanded in ice. The creative Teamevent outdoors or indoors, the special supporting program for your meeting or kick-off you now have in front of you. Inspire your employees and be enthusiastic and excited, Which in turn make them special. On request, a single structure can be created from several blocks! At the end of the event, each team presents their work to the others – because artists usually have a special one.