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Euromaster GmbH, Kaiserslautern

The European distributor of tires and tires wanted to reward their best and most loyal customers for their loyalty in the last year.


Euromaster GmbH, Kaiserslautern


Incentive event series


250, 8 events

Target Group

Own customers, managing directors


throughout Germany

Length of Event

6 weeks

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The European distributor of tires and tires wanted to reward their best and most loyal customers for their loyalty in the last year. The primary male participants, mostly owners of large workshops or large international forwarding agents, are invited to similar events.


– Concept development
– Invitation management – Locationscouting & selection
– Terrain and route preparations, Germany-wide
– Hotel- & catering planning
– Event & program planning
– Transfers & Shuttleservice


The sales generated by the respective customers should be increased by very intensive and personal discussions between the internal sales employees and the business owners. The goal was defined as:

– personal connections Increasing sales to customers
– Creating shared experiences between customers and sales
– Men’s event planning for managing directors who can buy many things themselves should be developed
– Covering the entire German catchment area and organizing events for all distribution zones
– Differentiation of the participants In top customers and second-line customers, and the creation of a corresponding concept, which illustrates the different significance
– invitation and participant management

Concept and solutions

What do men who „have in themselves everything“ want? Exclusive gimmicks you can not buy „in itself“!

So we looked for mud pits and men’s sandboxes as well as the most beautiful, Germany-wide cabriolet routes. Managing directors do not have much time, but they want great experiences with their peers – where they can experience things that are special, and can lead to good conversations. So we put them – together with the dealers of the customer – in a convertible or OffRoad trucks. Good conversations and action pure – without time loss.

Combined with regional, down-to-earth catering and appealing accommodation


Due to the regional specifications specified by the customer, only certain sandpits were considered, which we have traveled together with our OffRoad partner in order to ensure feasibility. Extensive courses for very heavy OffRoad trucks have been developed. At the same time, we have worked out demanding routes for hot racers in the respective areas with a specialist for guided safaris, which, in addition to special attractions, mainly focused on the respective region.

The vehicle logistics of partly up to 20 sports convertibles at the same time were handled by a four-man company represented in Germany to ensure the same quality.

What we are proud of

The intensive follow-up of the event by means of surveys has proved that such a special event has not yet been experienced by customers. The discussions between the employees of our customer and the customers on the spot were partly so intense and concrete that larger orders were placed by the participating customers within the following weeks.

On the spot, the participants came to our project leaders and embraced this partial happiness.