Groß-Partner-Grundstücksentwicklungs-GmbH Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungs-GmbH

Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungs-GmbH

One of the largest independent office building project developers in the Rhine-Main area set the task of putting the existing buildings back into the interest of the brokers.


Groß & Partner


Broker Event / Incentive


4 x 8-15

Target Group

Office real estate broker



Length of Event

Each 1.5 days

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One of the largest independent office building project developers in the Rhine-Main area set the task of putting the existing buildings back into the interest of the brokers.
There should be very intensive conversations of sales with the individual broker – but the goal was to get as many of the office brokers to a table. Because the usual broker is also regularly invited by other companies.

So it had to create an action that „washed“ so that the brokers simply „could not help but sign up“.


– concept development
– event planning & approvals
– transfers & shuttleservice
– invitation management
– organization star cook and location scouting


At the same time, existing brokers of large brokerage houses should be able to enter into intensive, personal conversations with our own sales department, in order to be able to talk about the latest real estate projects of the customer in a relaxed atmosphere.

Real estate brokers are generally spoiled for money and can afford a lot of money – it was necessary to lure this target group with a special concept in which the – usually male – broker could not help but assert. The brokers were to be tied up with a program which gave the opportunity to conduct personal talks over a period of 1.5 days without the broker „going home“. There should be at least 40 brokers enthusiastically.

Concept and solutions

People who have almost everything material are inspired by emotions that are experienced in the „team“ or together – and which are also so special that they can not be found on every corner.

Our concept was to give the broker a special feeling as a person – and to increase the personal value. A special invitation, personalized giveaways and a program consisting of special impressions such as helicopter self-flying, lobster stretch limousine and star cook dinner in a lonely forest hut led to the desired personal conversation.


The event began one month before the first activity: each broker received a TopGun sonnenbrille as an invitation – curiosity pure. As confirmation of his registration, the agent was given a flyer jacket with his own name – dressed with these two utensils (was a kind of duty), the brokers were picked up by a luxury stretch limousine at the event day.

After an hour-long VIP shuttles from Frankfurt to Baden-Baden and first talks on house and rap music in the interior of the 12-seater sedan with sales, the participants were amazed not badly: At the Baden-Badener-Airfield, a former US-American Airforce base, 5 helicopters were ready to board.

After a short snack inside the airport, the pilots were already waiting for the participants. However, it was not a normal round trip – far from it: the guests should fly the existing helicopters themselves – start and move a helicopter with their own hands.

After this memorable task, which the guests completely enthusiastically, we continued a „drauf“: After a short stop in the hotel „Bühlerhöhe“ to the refreshing the guests were geshuttutt in the forest: but it was not to Hänsel & Gretel, but in A small wooden hut in the middle of the Black Forest, where a star cook was already waiting to offer the guests an evening of the extra class.

Perfectly family, completely different. Great conversations in an unforgettable environment.

What we are proud of

As feedback we received – mostly directly on the second day after the breakfast – statements like this: „such perfect talks we could never lead so before. We were able to speak with each of our guests intensely, humanly and directly. There were topics on the table that we would never have experienced – and with which we can intensify our own business and our broker partners „.

Both the customer and every broker was completely enthusiastic and always raved about this special event during further meetings between the participants.