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145 sales employees from all over Germany should gather in a conference hotel in central Germany for 2,5 days convention and exchange of information.




Sales Meeting



Target Group

Sales employees


Seeheim near Frankfurt

Length of Event

2,5 days

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145 sales employees from all over Germany should gather in a conference hotel in central Germany for 2,5 days convention and exchange of information. 15 BreakOut-rooms were needed, in addition to a huge plenum for the guests. As supporting program the employees should work out something together that would continue throughout the convention time and what could count as “a common sign” and be a base for a group picture. The customer had a very short amount of time to organize the event.


– Concept development
– Locationscouting & -picking
– Convention planning & convention technics, incl. BreakOut-Sessions
– Hotel- & Catering
– Event– & Support program planning
– Transfers & Shuttle service


The sales team was to learn extensive information and new structures within a 2,5 day workshop. They needed a conference hotel in central Germany which held 15 BreakOut rooms and had enough space to accommodate all our guests.

An amusing, though symbolic, team event should lead the employees to get a feeling of „We are one team“, despite internal competitions. The customer wanted a final group photo, which captures this slogan and was good enough to be handed around for internal communications.

Concept and solutions

The guests met at the Lufthansa training center in Seeheim. Conference rooms and plenum were ready to host the group. “We are one team” – what better option was there to show this slogan than building a huge house? We didn’t have much time, The guests built an oversized Lego house out of “won” stones as a team – symbolically and with the company’s slogan at the front. The guests would play for the stones during the convention and small breaks, without knowing their purpose.


In the beginning teams were built. Those teams had to memorize a small Lego house during the first evening’s get together at the camp fire. On the next days the conventions were held, during which the participants frequently won some Lego stones – and for every task symbolic stones were distributed. No one knew what they were for. At the end of the last conference – shortly before the end of the whole event – the conference leader called everyone to the terrace. There they had to build the “We are one team!”-house. After this task was done as a team, participant got a small bag with his own stones.

Up until today – a very symbolic event.

What we are proud of

Goal was to create a picture of symbolic importance, which was the starting signal for the next campaign. This not only happened to become a picture, a photo – it became a symbol for our customer’s whole sales team, which hangs on the wall in every local office, poster size!

The participants enjoyed a varied event which lead to good conversations between the individual sales employees and the management due to its amusing conference breaks.