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TopCart International GmbH, Wiesbaden

The TopCart GmbH is a quite distributive company – high-precision special-pressure toner cartridges are manufactured in Leipzig and Wiesbaden.


TopCart International GmbH, Wiesbaden


Incentive trip


30 people with partners

Target Group

Permanent and free sales staff



Length of Event

4 days

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The TopCart GmbH is a quite distributive company – high-precision special-pressure toner cartridges are manufactured in Leipzig and Wiesbaden. The sales assistants do a lot, and are to be motivated and inspired by an additional incentive in the form of a special trip. After 2010 Greece and 2011 Mallorca should go again to the warm and the sea.


– concept development
– event planning & approvals
– transfers & shuttleservice
– invitation management
– 24h full-service on-site


The company employs about 60 sales employees, the goal being to take the best of both companies – but at least 30 people plus partners – to Malta. So the program had to be so inspiring that the people literally licked their fingers thereafter – and still achieve sales to be on this trip.

There should be things that the „normal, well-earned“ man would not do under normal circumstances, things that are so inspiring that one would still like to tell his grandchildren. Real highlights.

Concept and solutions

We chose Malta – the Mediterranean island with absolute sun protection. Due to past incentive trips with other customers we knew about the great possibilities on the spot. So we were looking for absolutely unique actions, which we simply knew they had never been done before by any of the participants:

– Speedboat – Racing
– Great sailing trip on an old wooden sailing boat
– Jeep safari in untouched nature
– Exclusive shuttle in luxurious oldtimers

In addition to one of the top hotels in Malta’s „In-district“ St. Julian we were looking for small venues unknown to mass tourism, where we ate dinner with the guests.


Incentive trips should start with a crash – so we took the guests off at the airport, gave them a little sun cream and put them at the first opportunity in a large speedboat – the transfer to the hotel. After the check in the hotel, the guests were massaged, then accompanied by dinner with horse-drawn carriages.

On the second day there was a sailing trip to Malta’s sister island and diving in the lagoon. Crystal clear water, good conversations on board and typical Maltese catering rounded off the morning. The afternoon was under the impression of unspoiled nature and 4 × 4 off-road driving on Malta’s sister island. To this end, we had chartered 20 jeeps, which were already available on arrival. Led by a local guide, the participants experienced a special ride through small alleyways and wild terrain – and learned to play the island.

The third day was under the aspect „meeting and honors“ in the hotel. The subsequent and final gala dinner marked the highlight of the trip – not only because of the good food in a lonely fish area, but because of the exclusive transfer there: the guests were chased in Rolls Royce, Bentley and Jaguar oldtimers for the evening event.

What we are proud of

The third event in 2012 was another great success for the customer. According to own statements the journeys of the past years were topped, and the employees were completely enthusiastically. The talks about new targets, the reorientation of the company were all very positive. The goal of the customer, to have more than 30 employees – including partial partnerships – was achieved.