toshiba-medical TOSHIBA Medical Systems GmbH, Neuss

TOSHIBA Medical Systems GmbH, Neuss

For 2013, the company’s management gave a very special goal: it should go to the water. To the sea. More was not betrayed – but it was, as it was tradition – something really special.


TOSHIBA Medical Systems GmbH, Neuss


KickOff Event



Target Group

Employees from D, A, CH



Length of Event

3 days

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For 2013, the company’s management gave a very special goal: it should go to the water. To the sea. More was not betrayed – but it was, as it was tradition – something really special. A 3-day KickOff event, which focused on new content, new goals, new products and research results as well as the integration of new employees. The socialization aspect should also be given an increased priority.


– Concept development
– Venue couting & selection – Conference planning & conference technology
– Hotel & catering planning
– Event & framework program planning
– Incoming logistics, transfers & shuttleservice


For the KickOff 2013 there should be something unprecedented in the history: the employees should get out of their way when they know what is being done.
It should go abroad this time! The goal was to find a location that was quickly accessible from several German airports, offers „good weather“ and also contains all the things needed for the Toshiba standard kick-offs: non-standard top venues for the meetings , Special get-together events for internal socializing and an accommodation that is just as enthusiastic as the budget. Employees should receive a lot of information and they should feel very comfortable, because the last year was successful and our customer wanted to thank their employees for their work.

Concept and solutions

The challenge was that the customer set a short action on the water as a real condition – so much our choice in Mallorca. Superschnell attainable from all German airports, and in the last years with regard to top hotels and top locations enormously grown. This is how we create a concept of stress-free socializing in the evenings, an unforgettable top conference location and a special city-friendly city hotel.

The teambuilding aspect should not be missed – as many of the guests knew Mallorca only from their own holiday or from the newspaper, we organized a high-tech chase through the lonely, winding streets of Palma.


A nice city hotel, located directly at the port of Palmas, served us as a starting point – close to the city center, the staff who arrived in front of the whole group had the opportunity to spend your time with sightseeing. After the arrival of the whole group of different airports from Germany, a wooden ship waited for the guests – exclusively chartered for this group, from then on, it went on a moderate wave to the coast of Palma, while the DJ made chillige music to the welcome. Arriving in a secluded bay, the ship’s cook revealed what was in it: a delicious selection of typical Spanish tapas was served on board before returning. So this late afternoon ended with the landing right in front of the hotel – Welcome to Mallorca.

The second day was dominated by the company, its products and information. In a really dreamlike finca, only a few kilometers away from the hotel, the guests expected a sight they could not experience. Equipped with HighTech, a conference was held which, due to the Toshiba-typical artistic representations of the contents, is unequaled. The magical courtyard and the stylish garden were used for lunch. Late in the afternoon, the Teamevent arrived, a high-tech chase running through Palma’s inner city.

„Controlled“ by targets and points that the teams could see also tablet PCs, they launched a highly interactive hunt for points through the city. So the guests got a deep insight into the historic old town – and were absolutely thrilled. But there was no reason to conclude: the evening event took place on a lonely spot – with a beach party right on the beach … And delicious Spanish catering.

The last day consisted of falling asleep and a short city tour for those who had to wait a little for their flight.

What we are proud of

We are always happy when the participants thank us very much. But there are always differences: this time, our project managers were partially „pressed“ – with a grin and a satisfaction that flashed out of the eyes. At such moments, we are very happy about our job. Our client himself said that it was a very successful and a very well organized event. The participants were extremely enthusiastic and still speak of this event!